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OGD2 Pharma and Green Cross LabCell start collaboration for developing NK-cell therapeutics targeting the O-acetyl-GD2 cancer antigen

22 June 2016 : With this collaboration, OGD2 Pharma and GCLC will explore the potential of targeting NK-cells to the OAcGD2 antigen using humanized antibody and chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) for fighting against solid tumors.

“Thanks to this collaboration OGD2 Pharma speeds-up the development of its anti-OAcGD2 CAR platform. We highly value Green Cross leadership in allogenic NK-cell therapy and their proven ability to develop and to market cell therapy products” said Jean-Marc Le Doussal, President at OGD2 Pharma. “OGD2 Pharma will continue building strategic partnerships with academic groups and private companies in other fields of cell therapies.” he added.

Press release: OGD2 GCLC PR 2016 06 22 release

OGD2 Pharma publishes new data on glioblastoma antibody therapy

27 May 2016 : In our efforts to fight brain cancer we are proud to annonce the publication of new data supporting the therapeutic activity of our antibody in brain tumors. Research was  performed in collaboration with Centre de Recherche Contre le Cancer de Nantes Angers (CRCNA) and supported by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

Fleurence 2016 Oncotarget – Targeting GBM

Abstract: There are still unmet medical needs in the treatment of glioblastoma, the most common and the most aggressive glioma of all brain tumors. Here, we found that O-acetyl GD2 is expressed in surgically resected human glioblastoma tissue. In addition, we demonstrated that 8B6 monoclonal antibody specific for O-acetylated GD2 could effectively inhibit glioblastoma cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo. Taken together, these results indicate that O-acetylated GD2 represents a novel antigen for immunotherapeutic-based treatment of high-grade gliomas.