OGD2 Pharma and University Hospital of Zurich start collaboration on Innovative immunotherapy in brain cancer

29 November 2016 : The collaboration will explore the expression of OAcGD2 antigen in tumors from patients with glioblastoma and the potential of anti-OACGD2 monoclonal antibodies to treat a panel of resistant glioblastoma tumors, alone or in combination with standard treatments such as temozolomide and irradiation. Pr. Weller’s team will first conduct efficacy studies in preclinical models with anti-OAcGD2 monoclonal antibodies, with the perspective of initiating a first-in-human clinical trial for relapsing glioblastoma patients.

“As detailed in our recent strategic update, OGD2 Pharma continues exploring the potential of therapies targeting the OAcGD2 antigen in various cancers. This collaboration follows a first proof of concept study conducted in animal models and published in 2016 (Fleurence et al, 2016)” said Jean Marc Le Doussal, President at OGD2 Pharma.

Press Release : ogd2-university-of-zurich-pr-2016-11-29-release

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