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OGD2 Pharma and Syndivia launch collaboration to develop an Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) targeting the O-acetyl-GD2 cancer antigen

6 September 2016 : This collaboration agreement will explore the potential of targeting chemotherapeutic drugs using anti-OAcGD2 ADCs in the treatment of difficult-to-treat solid tumors. The ADCs will be designed to release the cytotoxic drug both within tumor cells and in the tumor microenvironment.

“Thanks to this collaboration, OGD2 Pharma accelerates the development of its anti-OAcGD2 ADC platform. Syndivia’s versatile linker technology will allow depicting the best way to specifically deliver ADC payloads to tumors using the unique cellular biology of the OAcGD2 membrane glycolipid” said Jean-Marc Le Doussal, President at OGD2 Pharma. “Syndivia’s technology should result in ADCs that are highly stable in patient’s blood, in line with our strategy to develop safer anti-cancer therapies leveraging the highly tumor-specific tissue distribution of the OAcGD2 antigen. OGD2 Pharma will continue building such strategic partnerships with academic groups and private companies in other ADC technologies.” he added.

Press release : OGD2 SYNDIVIA PR 2016 09 06 release